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Danielle Lindgren, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

I am an experienced speech-language pathologist (SLP) passionate about bridging the gaps in care for young autistic kids and their families. I have been working with autistic individuals in a variety of capacities for over 10 years, as a speech-language pathologist and early in my professional journey, providing ABA therapy.

In addition to offering coaching and liaison services, I specialize in working with young autistic clients and their families as a speech-language pathologist at a private practice clinic. I spend a substantial amount of time reading current research, listening to podcasts, engaging in professional development and trainings, reading books and articles, and learning from autistic adults. My devotion to learning allows me to see the whole child rather than just one aspect of their being.


I also have advanced training in delayed echolalia (or scripting). Over 80% of autistic children use scripting to communicate. I am passionate about educating families and professionals that delayed echolalia is not a disorder, it is a difference in language processing. I help parents understand the way their child is processing language and how to support language development at home. I also provide training to the other professionals on a child's team about scripting. 


Here are a few of my guiding principles as a coach and liaison:


  • I am a neurodiversity-affirming specialist. All brains are different, and that is a beautiful thing.

  • I value and listen to the autistic perspective. I integrate all that I learn into my collaborative coaching services.

  • I always presume competence. All children have the ability and desire to learn.

  • I encourage a strengths-based approach. What a child CAN do is more important than what they cannot do. 


My intent is to make a positive, life-long impact on autistic children and their families. If I can help parents reframe their ideas of autism, affirm their child’s way of being, and advocate in their child’s best interest, then I will have accomplished my loftiest professional goal.

Advanced Trainings and Certifications

  • Floortime Certification

  • Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework and Gestalt Language Development 

  • LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning)

  • Moving Forward With LAMP (Course 2)

  • Inside Out Sensory Certificate Course for SLPs

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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